who am i?

my name is tim. i'm the artist behind timosee and i'm a marketer who specializes in optimizing conversion rates. i help online coaches and course creators get the most of 3 key areas in their marketing...

marketing operations

as you gear up drive new traffic sources, you need to move out of the day-to-day operations and into a strategic role. i help build and set up the systems and processes you need to focus on your biggest value - RESULTS for your students.

conversion tracking

measuring performance is overlooked when you're busy building operations. tracking is notorious for being complicated. i can help you get the foundations set up, so we can identify the key levers to work on.

decode data & dialogue

growth requires having metrics about how your online course is performing, and dialogue with your clients. your numbers and conversations tell a story. my job is to build that story (using data and dialogue) so you take the right actions to grow your business.

helpful marketing content

a collection of my best advice around marketing and business. written for artists and coaches.