yo, i’m timosee.

i’m a marketer turned musician and dancer.
(actually, music and dance were my hobbies before i got into marketing…)

anyway, that’s a long way of saying i’m someone who loves numbers, systems, and marketing experiments.

This is me!

a pro looking photo

as a marketer, i help course creators and coaches eliminate bottlenecks that are holding their business from its growth potential. i do it by fixing and streamlining their frankenstein funnels, so they can be ready to drive more traffic.

so, if that’s you, there are 3 ways i can help you:

  1. develop marketing operations so your business operations continue running without you (and frees you up to focus on creating a great product that produces results)
  2. set up conversion tracking so you can start looking at your analytics and see which bottlenecks are holding your business back from its true potential
  3. decode the metrics/dialogue, and get the deep insights you need to scale your business

also on this site, i’ll share what i’m learning about marketing operations, conversion tracking, and metrics decoding through my blog and emails.

my goal is to help online coaches overcome the technology challenge that comes with marketing operations, develop systems to market and deliver their course, and use data to help them make the right decisions for their business, programs, and clients.

as an artist, my goal is to help more musicians and dancers with their marketing, and connect with my fans (whom i call “homies”) by sharing chill hip hop instrumentals with an inspiring message.

i’m currently not accepting new clients at the moment, but if you would like to stay in touch with me, i’d love to share some new music with you.

all you have to do is add yourself to the form below and i’ll be in touch!