Da Weirdo Who’s A Little Obsessed With Marketing and Tech…

Yo! I’m Tim Woo.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a knack for learning and figuring out how things work.

This is me!

After years of trying to beat myself into specializing, I discovered how to use my special ability for learning in the world of direct response marketing.

These days, I’m working with business owners and marketing directors to figure out the “how” of marketing, so their marketing campaigns operate and perform at the highest level they’ve come to expect.

After years of working closely with a few clients, I’ve created a unique process for developing the marketing operations.

The results? Well, here are just a few…

  1. My clients hardly ever have to worry (or even think) about the marketing technology, like email list hygiene. They trust the tech gets handled and it works because by using my experience with other clients, I make sure it exceeds what my clients expect.
  2. The marketing campaigns run flawlessly. When it does go off the rails, my clients are simply alerted, and then the fundamental problem is identified and resolved without hassle.
  3. My clients get to see the full performance of their campaign, rather than gathering scattered data across multiple platforms. I help clients set up a formal process for tracking, analytics, and reporting by managing the development of it from a marketer’s eyes.

If you’d like some help, check out my services page, or click here to send me an email.

When I’m not busy working with clients, you can catch me dancing, snowboarding, and making music.

Feel free to check out some of my projects outside of marketing:

  1. VIBE Dance Competition – a SoCal dance competition I put together every year
  2. My reddit profile – marketing and dance posts for fun

Have a look around my site. You can get to know my work through my writing in the Blog section.