About Me

Hi, I’m Tim Woo.
This is me!
(It’s easy to remember my name… pretend like you’re cheering: “Tim WOO!!!”)

I love marketing and tech, but was frustrated with the messy process of getting accurate numbers around my campaigns.

So I created the Conversion Tracking service to help online business owners get clean and reliable marketing numbers.

The result? Business owners have accurate numbers to base important decisions around using key insights about their visitor’s behavior. Having this, they can scale up their marketing strategically instead of guessing what might work.

If you’re struggling to get accurate numbers in your marketing, then send me a message. I’d love see how I can help – send an email using this contact form.

When I’m not busy on Conversion Tracking, I’m dancing, snowboarding, or playing music.

Feel free to check out some of my passion work outside of marketing:

  1. VIBE Dance Competition – a SoCal dance competition I put together every year
  2. My reddit profile – marketing and dance posts for fun

Have a look around my site. You can get to know me through my writing in theĀ Scribbles section.