Need Help Tracking Conversions On Your Site?

Hey it’s Tim. If your business is growing, and you want a clear picture of what’s working in your marketing, then I can help.

The key to tracking conversions is having a proper Google Analytics set up, so you know exactly what to optimize (and why).

But the problem with most sets up is…

  1. Most installations stop after adding the tracking script (when there’s still more to do)
  2. There’s no system for tracking and labeling the data that’s coming in

Which means you might have a marketing campaign with big potential. But because it’s “not working right now,” you might toss it and try a new campaign or strategy.

So it’s my personal mission to help you define a system for tracking conversions and optimizing your marketing campaigns. This is the best way to know whether a campaign is working and if it meets your business’s standard.

By getting your Analytics set up, you’ll see two immediate benefits:

    1. Peace of mind knowing your business isn’t “leaking money.” You can quickly identify problems in the marketing process and fix it before it gets costly.
    2. Confidence about your business growth. You’re not guessing your way up; you’re using data and insights to build a natural pathway towards solving your customer’s problems with your unique solution.

If you’d like my help, please fill out the form below.

I’ll reach back out so we can look over your current Google Analytics set up. Then I’ll provide a short list of recommendations and next steps to help you start tracking conversions.